Wisconsin residents that rely on a residential well for their drinking water need to be assured that the water they are drinking is safe for consumption. After the initial construction of the well, Sam's will test your water to ensure it is free from bacteria and that the nitrate level is within recommended limits. While initial assurance is important, it is of equal importance that the well is retested periodically to make certain of its safety. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources recommends that the water be tested annually. As part of Sam's commitment to providing Safe Water to Wisconsin families an in-house Water Testing Lab is an integral part of Sam's service offering. The water sampling lab is a separate division, SWD Labs, and prides itself on friendly service with a quick turnaround. To request a water sampling kit, please call (800) 321-5193.

-Who regulates the testing of well water?

There isn't a person or group that regulates well water testing - it is left up to the well owner to test their water. Because of this, well water is usually not tested as frequently as city water. Many people believe well water is superior to city water because it often tastes and smells better. The truth is, there are potentially more contaminates that go undetected because it isn't tested as often as city water. We recommend that homeowners test their water annually, especially if there are young children or pregnant women consuming it.

-How often should I test my well water?
It is recommended that you test your water at least once a year - and more frequent testing is recommended for shallow wells or in areas where agricultural or lawn care chemicals are used. Give Sam's a call for further information.

-What kinds of things should I test my water for?
Private wells should be tested for a variety of natural and synthetic contaminants. A good test kit includes tests for coliform bacteria, nitrates, volatile organic chemicals, mineral content, and lead. Copper, cadmium, and radon should also be tested for.

-Who should I contact to have my water tested?
For a fee, you can obtain a testing kit from one of the many testing laboratories throughout the area and do the test yourself. However, it is recommended that you contact Sam's, a licensed well driller, who can do the testing for you.

-How do I disinfect my well?
Although you can obtain kits to do the well disinfection yourself, it is recommended that you contact a licensed well driller, like Sam's. A licensed well driller will be knowledgeable and experienced, and will be able to do the best job of eliminating contaminants safely.

Bacteria Testing

For a minimal charge, SWD Labs can test your water to ensure that it is free of bacteria. If the test results reveal that there is bacteria in your water, Sam's Well Drilling can arrange to chlorinate your well to kill any bacteria that may be present.

Nitrate Testing

SWD Labs will test for Nitrates in your water. Nitrate testing ensures that your water is safe for young children or pregnant women to drink. If your Nitrate level is high, there are systems that can be added to your home to reduce the Nitrate level in the water.