Geothermal systems, although unknown to many Wisconsin residents, is a well-established means of providing a cost effective heating and cooling system for residential and commercial use. In the last twenty years, the technology associated with geothermal systems has greatly been refined and is popular throughout the United States. Geothermal looping systems offer “savings from the ground up” by utilizing the earth's natural temperatures to heat and cool homes, schools, and businesses. This efficiency can greatly lower heating and cooling costs, and can reduce the dependency on fossil fuels by up to 60%.

Homeowners all over North America have discovered the benefits of using the free energy in their own backyards to provide heating, cooling, and hot water. Geothermal heating and cooling systems tap into the constant, moderate temperatures found just a few feet below the earth's surface to offer the finest in home comfort conditioning. In a typical home, 70% of the total energy bill comes from heating, cooling, and hot water.

The greatest opportunity to reduce your energy costs is to improve the efficiency of your heating, cooling, and hot water system by utilizing this “down to earth” technology. This energy is free, clean and environmentally friendly. *Quote from the Geothermal Journal. For more information, visit the website at www.wisgeo.org or contact the Wisconsin Geothermal Association at 888.436.7040.