Powering the Midwest



Homeowners all over North America have discovered the benefits of using the free energy in their own backyards to provide heating, cooling, and hot water. Geothermal heating and cooling systems tap into the constant, moderate temperatures found just a few feet below the earth’s surface to offer the finest in home comfort conditioning. In a typical home, 70% of the total energy bill comes from heating, cooling, and hot water.

The greatest opportunity to reduce your energy costs is to improve the efficiency of your heating, cooling, and hot water system by utilizing this “down to earth” technology. This energy is free, clean and environmentally friendly. *Quote from the Geothermal Journal. For more information, visit the website at or contact the Wisconsin Geothermal Association at 888.436.7040.



How Geothermal Works

The process is simple. It is based on the basic concept that heat will naturally move from something warm to something cool. A geothermal heat pump provides a means for this natural heat transfer to occur so the earth’s heat can be moved into the heat pump and used to heat the building. GeoExhange technology moves heat rather than creates heat.

The advantages of Geothermal heat are comfort, economical, environmentally safe, clean, reliable, low maintenance, and efficient. A Geo-exchange system can result in up to 50% lower heating costs, 30% lower cooling costs, a 2 to 7 year payback, and lower operating and maintenance costs. For more information on geothermal systems call our office at (800) 321-5193